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Cirque Matrix

Razy Gogonea was the dance sensation of Britain’s Got Talent, 2011. His Matrix-inspired dance routine is a unique act choreographed by Razy himself, and he is the only one worldwide performing it live without the aid of any special effects. Over the years Razy has trained his body so that it no longer conforms to the normal laws of nature. He can now bend and twist and lean into all sorts of positions that shouldn’t be anatomically possible. Combine this with his limitless imagination and invention as a dancer and it’s easy to see why he was never going to be like any other dance act BGT had ever seen before. His first audition on BGT had the whole world talking about his acrobatics. After just a week he had over four million hits on Youtube and even the official Matrix website acknowledged his amazing ability. And the BGT Judges were all equally as impressed.

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