Pontins Entertainment - Harper


They are two brothers who have been working together as a comedy duo now for about 8 years.
After appearing at the Showcall Showcase the Stage newspaper wrote that the lads were (One of the highlights of the evening.) The boys were next asked to perform at the legendary North Pier Theatre in Blackpool with Joe Longthorne. With they’re reputation growing and growing they toured with Joe Longthorne and supported one of Britain’s funny men, Freddie Starr. They also appeared at The Tameside Hippodrome with their friend Johnny Casson.

Being brothers, Harper show a natural bond together on stage that is irresistible. With they’re powerful voices and they’re lovable sense of humour you can’t help but to be bowled over by these two entertainers. As soon as they hit the stage you’ll be spellbound by the amount of energy they put into their show. There aren’t that many double acts around who deliver such a knock out show as these two boys. In 2003 the boys toured all over the UK and even travelled regularly over to Spain to appear at the Benidorm Palladium. The lads ended the year on a high by appearing in the famous Alabama Showboat Christmas Show in Blackpool.

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