Pontins Entertainment - Incredible Ramos Family

Incredible Ramos Family

The Ramos Family from Channel 4′s Wife Swap have come together to perform a spectacular acrobatic show. The family is made up of Marcelo (Speciality Stuntman, acrobat, Trampoline Gymnastic Coach), Anita (Contortionist, Dancer, Fitness Instructor), Jordan (Gymnast, guinness world records breaker, 100m Sprinter) and Samuel (Gymnast,Trampolinist). They all have their own individual skills which they have fused together to put on a draw dropping performance! Look out for Guinness World Record Holder Jordan Ramos performing power tumbling and double back somersaults and super talented Samuel Ramos the youngest member of the show being launched 10 feet in the air whilst executing multiple twists and rotations! This Incredible show is an action packed dynamic performance which demonstrates acrobatic stunts of the highest level. This show will appeal to all audiences and ages and has the wow factor.

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