Pontins Entertainment - Vicky as Dusty Springfield

Vicky as Dusty Springfield

Vicki is an amazing tribute to one of the greatest female soul singers to come out of the 60’s. The white lady of soul, Dusty Springfield. Vicki has performed in theatres all over the country and many holiday centres including Warners. Vicki has supported top Bands such as the Original Seachers, Union Gap, Steve Ellis and The Love affair, Chris Farlow to name a few. Vicki adapts to any type of environment and is loved everywhere she goes. All songs are in the original key, authentic dresses made to the original design worn by Dusty on stage. With the black panda eyes and the soft powerful voice, Vicki will take you back to the 60’s with authentic sound and great nostalgia of Dusty Springfield. Vicki works all over the country with her tribute to Dusty Springfield. With Vicki, quality is everything, so have a night to remember and enjoy with her tribute to Dusty Springfield.

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